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Trick or Treat! Property Tax Bills Being Mailed Today!

Some call it a necessary evil. Some call it the backbone to our infrastructure. Others don’t care what you call it, they just don’t want to pay so much! Regardless of how people feel about property taxes, the bottom line is that in Broward County, the property tax bills were put in the mail today and will be available online tomorrow (November 1st).

The amount that you have to pay in property taxes is directly related to the value of your home. The higher the value, the higher the taxes. However, Broward County gives you a break for paying early. If you pay your tax bill by November 30th, you will receive a 4% discount off of your tax bill. Every month thereafter, the discount is lowered by 1% until the full amount comes due March 31, 2018. If the taxes are not paid by April 1, 2018, the taxes become delinquent.

Some people have asked me why they have to pay property taxes. Property taxes are an integral part of municipal and county existence. Portions of your property tax are spread throughout the county. For example, Broward County will receive a portion, the city you live in will receive a portion; the school district you are in will receive a portion, the hospital district you are in will receive a portion, and so on. These funds are used by the various governing bodies for infrastructure, school salaries, public safety, water, and many other items. For example, property taxes can help pay for ambulances, police cars, repairs to roads and bridges and even training for firefighters.  

Hopefully, knowing that you are helping grease the gears of the machine that runs your city/county, will make you feel a bit better when you have to write that check. Speaking of writing the check, there are a few ways to pay your taxes. If you are making tax payments every month through your bank’s escrow, then you probably do not have to do anything. In that case the bank pays the taxes on your behalf from the funds you already paid them. You may want to double check with your mortgage holder to make sure they are going to be paid, and paid in November to take advantage of the discount!

For those that do not pay through escrow, you can either send a check to the county when you receive your bill, or pay online (link below). Please note that in Broward County, the amount due shown on the County website already includes the early-payment discount applicable to the date/month of your payment - do not make additional deductions. 

Though it is too late to challenge your property tax valuations, if you have any questions, please feel free to call my office at (954) 660-3556 or visit my website at and fill out the form and I will get right back to you!

Link to view and pay taxes (available on November 1, 2017):

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