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Did the Property Appraiser Come to your Home?

When I returned from my walk this morning, I found this door hanger on my door. It's always good to see the smiling face of Marty Kiar, the Broward County Property Appraiser. But why was it on my door? Upon further review, I noticed that, as stated on the hanger,


The box below it was checked telling me that no further action is needed and that all necessary information was collected. 

Now, for someone like myself who is heavily involved and knowledgeable in the property tax realm, seeing something like this on my door, really does not phase me at all. However, for many others, seeing this could be confusing and even scary! You may be asking, "Why did they come to my house?", "Are they going to everyone's house?", "Does this mean that there is something wrong with my property?", "Does this mean my taxes are going to increase?". 

Do not worry. Not only is this routine, but required by Florida Law! According to Florida Statute §193.023 (2):

"In making his or her assessment of the value of real property, the property appraiser is required to physically inspect the property at least once every 5 years. Where geographically suitable, and at the discretion of the property appraiser, the property appraiser may use image technology in lieu of physical inspection to ensure that the tax roll meets all the requirements of law. The Department of Revenue shall establish minimum standards for the use of image technology consistent with standards developed by professionally recognized sources for mass appraisal of real property. However, the property appraiser shall physically inspect any parcel of taxable or state-owned real property upon the request of the taxpayer or owner."

In other words, the property appraiser came because they are required to. Why? The property appraiser is required under law to place a valuation on your property by July 1st of each year [Florida Statute §193.023 (1)]. Although they have the right to make their valuations based on image technology in lieu of physical inspection, there is no substitute for physically inspecting property. 

Remember, the value placed on your property is directly related to the amount of property taxes that you pay. The higher the value, most likely, the higher the taxes! Therefore, if you feel that your property is being valued too high, please give the Law Office of Seth D. Lubin a call at (954) 660-3556 or email us here